Archived Accomplishments

It was another successful weekend for Turbo Retrievers. Our dogs ran an HRC Test at the Central Florida Hunting Retriever Club's Winter Hunt Test in Montverde, FL and earned five ribbons from the Finished Tests. Sharlie now has 460 HRC Points and closing in on the 500 Point Club. They also ran the Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club's Winter Hunt Test and earned five Master Passes. Pictured left to right is Boomer, Scarlet, JoJo, Molly and Sharlie. Molly was the star passing everything she ran. This is Sharlie's 72nd Master pass.

Patsy Marie won the North Florida Qualifier Field Trial on Sunday, February 2nd. This is her first win and Ron's first blue ribbon. Patsy is co-owned by Wayne Babcock and Ron.

Mama Sharlie and son, Cody, both received JAMS at the North Florida Qualifier. Cody was handled by his owner Janice and Sharlie was handled by Ron.


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