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Puppy Application

Instructions on how to complete the Turbo Retriever Owner Application

4556 Mitchell Rd,

Land O’ Lakes, FL


There are two methods to submit a Turbo Retrievers Owner (puppy) Application. One is by completing the application in Microsoft Word or MSWord compatible editor and then emailing it to Ron Rubrecht ( Second is by downloading the PDF version and filling it out with pen and then mailing to the address listed on the application.

To complete the application electronically:

  1. Begin by opening the link “Turbo Retrievers Puppy Application (Word)

  2. Save the document to your local file storage location. i.e. local drive or network storage device

  3. Then open the document in Microsoft Word or equivalent document editor with MSWord compatibility.

  4. Complete the document in entirety

  5. Save the document

  6. Email the document to Ron Rubrecht (

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