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Our Breeding Program

Our breeding program while once intended to just carry on our family pet’s memory, then a thriving hobby, is now a program with offspring sought nationally for field, obedience, agility, hunting and other working qualities.

The intelligence level, drive and intensity we produce are ideal to compete in the field as well as for providing a loving and devoted family member in your home.

Our breeding program is limited as we do not produce quantity, rather breeding quality dogs always intended for the betterment of the golden retriever breed. We take reservations well in advance for planned litters we announce. We will even take reservations for a favorite individual girl we may plan to breed in the future.

Our golden retrievers range in color, but are generally smaller frames built to run with speed. These dogs are devoted working dogs regardless of the challenge. These dogs traditionally have a low maintenance short, trim coat perfect for work in the brush and conditions in the home.

In the past our mission was to produce lighter goldens with the drive of a darker golden. We achieved these goals with numerous lighter girls who possess tremendous drive and speed. Our preference is a dark medium golden dog. We promote our best girls into our breeding program, light or dark.

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