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Thank You to Our Team Turbo.....
Justin Kallner
Nov 18, 2020

We have been blessed with having two Golden Retrievers from Turbo Retrievers litters. Our first, Charley, is now 8 years old. He has been - by far - THE most amazing dog we've ever had. When we first met Ron and Pat, we were basically just getting to know the breed. Ron was kind and patient with my wife Stephanie, listening to our story and asking thoughtful questions. We learned about duck hunting and waterfowl retrievers in general. We were invited to meet the dogs, watch them work and train. We became so fascinated with these dogs. There level of intelligence, energy and intuition was unlike anything we'd ever experienced from a dog before. Needless to say we became "part of the family" the day Charley came home. Although not hunters ourselves. Stephanie took the initiative to learn and train under Ron and his extended network of friends and fellow trainers in the area. Through the entire process, and even now to this day - Charley has been simply amazing. He has a true heart of gold 💛 and a sweet disposition with our two young kids. In the field he is fierce, tenacious and unrelenting. He will work all day if we let him. He's healthy and strong, weighing in at an athletic 62 pounds. He's tall, lean and muscular. And he's just a magnificent animal to even look at. When it came time to discuss inviting a second golden in to our home it was a no-brainer. We immediately called Ron and Pat and asked when the next litter was arriving. Again through there vast network we found a stellar Turbo-on-Turbo breeding and brought home "Oakley", a dark red female and niece to "Uncle Charley" She has an intelligence and intuition that you just have to experience to really believe. I cannot get over the intelligence of these dogs. I cant say enough. Truly amazing. If you're serious about working in the field, or you need a working dog who can also integrate in to your family and home - look no further. These dogs - in my opinion - are the holy grail of the working dog scene. We would take our Turbos anywhere. Present them with any challenge and we know without a doubt they would succeed, and probably teach US something along the way. I give all credit to Ron and Pat. Ron is intuitive with these dogs himself. He sees them differently than anyone I've ever been around. He understands them in a way you and I never will. And it's this intuition that has resulted in such an unbelievable stock. Make the call. You won't be disappointed. 👍💛

Judy Hall
Nov 17, 2020

Excellent breeder produces wonderful well adjusted dogs . They cut no corners or expenses for their dogs . They are considered part of the family . If you are fortunate to get one of their pups you won’t be disappointed !

Julie and Larry Woods
Oct 11, 2020

We are very grateful for our two Turbo boys (Doc and Eli). They are 8 now and we continue to have fun in agility and hunt tests. We have learned so much from each other. Pat and Ron have been with us throughout our journey. They are always there for questions and support. Ron and Pat love their pups and are dedicated to the Golden breed. Thank you!!!

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