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Title 016

Wishing a very Happy 12th Birthday to our Bella Stanley and Stanley Steamer Litter. Bella was co-owned by us and Paul Stanley. This was destined to be a good litter with that Stanley name connection.

We kept one puppy from this litter and we named her Sharlie. Our good friend, Ritch McAdams, kept one and she was named Stella. These two sisters are pretty amazing. Sharlie still loves to run Master Hunt Tests. Fortunately, she has no problems with her eyes and hearing. Stella still runs Agility. They might not be as fast as they once were, but they know how to pace themselves. Every new day with these girls is a blessed day.

What better way to celebrate Stanley Steamer than to breed him today on his litter's birthday. Stanley will be bred to Patsy Marie today and we're very excited to bring some more great Stanley dogs into this world.

Title 016


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