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Turbo Retrievers took on the Treasure Coast Double Master Tests this past weekend with Ron running 7 dogs in each of the two master tests while Megan ran 6 dogs in both master tests. We received 18 passes. Ron passed 7 out of 14 entries while Megan brought up the Team Turbo average getting 11 ribbons for 12 entries she ran. Megan’s performance was remarkable.

The following Turbo dogs passed both Master Tests: Sharlie (#85 & #86), JoJo (#56 & #57), Molly (#42 & #43), Jesse (#28 & #29), Lilly, Ramsey and Lucy

The following passed Master 2 only: Boomer (#35), Scarlet, Rose (Jim’s Dog) and Charlotte (Brian Henry’s Turbo girl)

Title 090
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