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2022 09 03 Team Turbo GR Specialty_edited.jpg
The Cuyahoga Valley Golden Retriever Club hosted the 82nd GRCA National Specialty in south-eastern Michigan near the shores of Lake Erie! 

Team Turbo had a great 2022 GRCA National Specialty


There were 24 Turbo Dogs attending the specialty.

We participated in many events, including Agility, Field Trials, Hunt Tests, and CCA.

Congratulations to everyone!

It was special to catch up with our old friends and to meet new friends and of course to see all of our Turbo boys and girls.

Congratulations to Team Turbo

GRCA Triathalon Award

In recognition of the versatility of the Golden Retriever, and to encourage owners to showcase that versatility by participating in multiple areas of competition at National and Regional specialty events, the Golden Retriever Club of America has established a “Triathlon Award” for dogs which meet the following criteria:

An individual dog must qualify in each of three categories at the same National or Regional Specialty

1) Conformation 2) Field and 3) Performance


Team Turbo is growing  We hope we listed everyone.  Please let us know if we missed you!

Enjoy The Memories
(Double Click on Photo to view the slideshow)

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