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Pictures and videos from our Team Turbo party. Oh, what fun! Our new property was the perfect place for this. Seeing all the Goldens swimming, retrieving bumpers and having fun. We couldn’t ask for a nicer group of people to spend a day with. We’re looking forward to hosting many more Team Turbo parties.

Bonnie Greenwood Joyce "Pi and I attended the Turbo Reunion yesterday! Every year, Pat and Ron Rubrecht host a reunion for all the dogs that they have bred. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the owners and dogs to get together and just have a great time. Not sure how many dogs attended - perhaps 30 golden retrievers? The event was held on the beautiful Turbo training grounds. The dogs played for hours; running, swimming, retrieving, and just hanging out. Of course, Pi loved every minute and now has lots of new friends."

Enjoy The Memories
(Double Click on Photo to view the slideshow)

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