Hunt Test Accomplishments

Update from the weekend tests at Central Florida HRC and Mid-Florida GRC.

Birdie (Darby x Laddie #2) passed the Junior Hunt Test on Sunday. Congrats to Brian Henry and Birdie. Gunner (Molly x Bart #2) passed the Senior Hunt Test both days. He was handled by Judy Hall. Congrats to Judy and Gunner. Molly and Boomer passed both Master Hunt Tests and both HRC Finished Tests for a perfect weekend. JoJo and Jesse passed both Master Tests.

From Left to Right: Jesse, Boomer, Molly and JoJo

Bristol (Lilly x Hawk) passed the Junior Hunt Tests both days to earn her Junior Hunter Title. Bristol was handled by Wendy Huntzinger.

Such a beautiful weekend spent at the Treasure Coast Retriever Club Hunt Test in Okeechobee, FL. Team Turbo had seven Master Hunt Test Passes (left to right: Boomer, Cabo, Scarlet, Sharlie, Rosie, Molly, Jesse), two Senior passes and two Junior Hunt Test passes.


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