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Hunt Test Accomplishments


Jan 22, 2023

Congratulations to Bonnie Greenwood Joyce for Pi’s first leg toward her Senior Hunt Test title.

Pi is out of our Stanley Steamer and Patsy Marie litter.


Dec 6, 2022

Master passes for Lilly, Rosie, Sharlie and Molly. Thank you to the Treasure Coast Retriever Club Judges and Volunteers.


Nov 30, 2022

We just have to brag on Jesse - Turbo Highland Fling ** MH35 WCX. Jesse just keeps amazing us by passing Master Hunt Tests. She has seldom met a challenge that she couldn't conquer. She's pretty special.

In the month of November, she passed everything Ron ran her in: Tallahassee HRC Master Hunt Test, Mid-FL GRC Master Hunt Test, Central FL HRC in both Finished Tests, and the Jacksonville Retriever Club Hunt Master Hunt Test.

Credit goes to Jill Volsch, who is Jesse's trainer.
We co-own Jesse with Beth Meaney. She’s out of our first Darby and Laddie litter.


Nov 28, 2022

Congratulations Bonnie and Pi. And, so the journey begins. This past weekend, Pi earned her first title!!! Hard to believe this little girl is now making her way in the world. She earned her WC title (field event) which was hosted by the Fl Gulf Coast Retriever Club.

Pi is from our Patsy Marie and Stanley Steamer litter.

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