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Field Trial Accomplishments


Sep 16, 2023

Proud of our Alex, (Turbo Flash Dancer **), who received a JAM in the Qual stake at the Wisconsin Amateur Field Trial. Thank you to Shawn Sims, who handled her.

Alex is out of our Rosie and Flash litter.


Sep 10, 2023

Congratulations to Tammy Zahornacky, whose Turbo girl, Abby, received a Jam in the Qual at the Professional Trainers Association FT in Oregon. Abby is out of our Lilly and Hawk litter. We're proud of you, Abby.


Sep 9, 2023

Turbo’s Major Magic (Major) wins blue!

Congratulations to Julie Kirkland whose boy, Major, won one of the Quals yesterday at Mid-Illinois. We're so proud of Julie and Major. Blue looks good on you, Major. Major is out of our second Darby and Laddie Litter.


Jun 25, 2023

Turbo Retrievers had a great showing today at the Colonial Retriever Club Qualifier. Out of the seven dogs who finished two were Turbo dogs.

Missy, out of our Lilly and Hawk litter, took fourth. She was handled by Shawn Sims. Thank you Shawn, for training and handling her.

Jesse, out of our first Darby and Laddie, litter, received a Jam. Jesse was handled by Ron.

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