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2021 Sept - We took our Field Goldens to the Field of Dreams (in Iowa)

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Our Mission Statement

To consistently produce healthy, intelligent, athletic, and versatile field bred working golden retrievers which are eager to work and possess the demeanor to be a welcomed family member.

Our breeding program while once intended to just carry on our family pet’s memory, then a thriving hobby, is now a program with offspring sought nationally for field, obedience, agility, hunting and other working qualities.

Our girls are subject to all of the recommended clearances specified by the Golden Retriever Club of America. Turbo Retrievers is a registered Breeder of Merit at the American Kennel Club.

We started in 1984 with our first golden as a pet… Now we strive for betterment of the golden breed. Our golden dogs are considered as friends and members of our family.

Current Breeding Announcements



Lilly x Boomer


Lilly had three puppies born June 20, 2022


Lilly, HRCH Turbo Flash Dragon CDX MH QA2 AD WCX.


We have a male available from our Boomer and Lilly litter. This puppy has an amazing three generation pedigree, which includes SEVEN Field Champions including NAFC FC AFC Topbrass Cotton OS FDHF. We will only consider an experienced working home.


Most everyone knows how great Boomer was. He made history by being the first Golden to earn all four Field Trial Championship (US and Canada) Titles FC, AFC, Can FTCH-AFTCH. He was also a US Amateur National Finalist. He has sired many wonderful pups who have gone on to have many accomplishments, including titles with Field Champion, OTCH and Mach.

This is Lilly's third and last litter. Lilly has Hunt Test and Field Trial accomplishments. She's a Master Hunter and QA2. Her field trial career consists of a Derby 2nd Placement and a Jam. She had Qual. placements including two 1st places, a 2nd Placement, two 4th placements and several Jams. She also had Am Jams and an Open Jam.

2022 06 00 Lilly three puppies born_edited.jpg
Upcoming Litters
Mia x Tonka

Xtra x Copper


Two amazingly accomplished parents...One litter...
2022 02 02 GR GR News Sharlie Boomer.jpg

Scarlet Molly Kix

Jul 31, 2022

The following received passes at the North Alabama Retriever Club 2022 Last Chance Hunt Test

Master - Molly and Scarlet. This is Molly’s 48th Master pass.

Senior – Kix


Jul 17, 2022

Way to go Layla and Rip. First Junior HT pass.


Jul 27, 2022

Winnie got her last leg in advanced containers with a 3 rd place today for her akc advanced container dog and her overall advanced scent work dog title. She topped it off by a first place in excellent exteriors and a 2 nd place in excellent interiors! Her weekend loot!!


Jul 10, 2022

Just want to brag on our Lilly (HRCH Turbo Flash Dragon CDX MH QA2 AD WCX OD).

With Crue, her offspring from Lilly's breeding to Joker, qualifying for his Master Hunter title yesterday, that qualifies Lilly for an Outstanding Dam (OD) status.

Thank you to all her offspring's owners who helped Lilly achieve this.


Jul 16, 2022

to Lark, owned by Hollie Huss, for her first dock diving competition and for earning First Place. Lark is pictured with her beautiful ribbon.


Jul 9, 2022

Another Turbo Master Hunter.

Crue qualified for his Master Hunter Title today. He has pretty much cruised right through all three levels to obtain his MH at two years, six days.

Crue is out of our Lilly and Joker Litter.

Laura and Hays, thank you. You sure do represent us well.