It’s Official…. Congratulations!

Eli Master Hunter

Eli is out of our Sharlie and Boomer (TNT’s Explosion) Litter. There are now six dogs with Master Hunter Titles out of this amazing litter.

Way to go Shawn Sims and Nav for getting third place in the Derby at the Women’s Field Ttial in Madison, FL.

Nav is out of Katie, owned by Tom Reardon, and Pimms, owned by Paige Jones.

This was a Turbo on Turbo Breeding.

Congrats are in order for Willow who just earned her C-ATCH 7 Title today.

She loves her Agility and is following in her mama's footsteps. She is owned and handle by Jessica McAdams.

Willow is out of our Stella and Boomer Litter.

C-ATE C-ATCH6 Turbo Desire's Spirited Explosion DJ, TKI, ExCL, ExSN, ExST, ChJU, ChJP, ExFH, ExWC, L5-PLT


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